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We provide native Applications for Windows and Mac OS X or a cross-platform Java application.
All of them need Java 1.6+ to be installed (Get it here).


0.9.5 (2015-07-23)

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Mac OS X

0.9.5 (2015-07-23)

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Other systems

0.9.5 (2015-07-23)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back here if you have a problem.

The application itself is completely legal. Please be careful while downloading copyrighted music, you might violate the copyright!

You're filename scheme is probably wrong. Please try to reset your settings!

This problem can occur on Mac OS X if you are not allowing unsigned applications, therefore the message is wrong and misleading

To fix it go to System Preferences » Security & Privacy » Allow applications downloaded from:

Then select "Anywhere", because else Apple won't let us run unsigned Java Applications.